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“I have no authority other than this: my passion, even my obsession, for the life and destiny of my people. This might very well be the only noble passion I see in myself”.
Joan Fuster




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The Joan Fuster Museum has no architectural barriers and allows full accessibility to its visitors.

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The exhibition area at the Museum takes up the ground floor at the Joan Fuster House, at number 10 on Calle Sant Josep, in Sueca, the capital of the Ribera Baja.

This is where the writer lived out most of his life – he was born at number 30 on Calle de la Punta – from when he was eight years old till he died.

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Group ticket + guide: €1.50

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School group ticket + guided visit + educational workshop: €1.50

Joan Fuster Museum
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Joan Fuster Museum

Address: Sant Josep, 8-10
46410 Sueca (València)
Telephone:(+34) 663 002 932